What Is Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a free application for the Android mobile operating system that is currently on a wide variety of phones. What Google Goggles does is take a picture from the phone camera and then you can run an entire web search just based on the picture. Some people were concerned that the technology was going to give the government a false sense of security and was going to become a surveillance tool. Thankfully, those fears have not been realized yet.

What Is Google Goggles
What Is Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a learning tool that uses image recognition technology to allow the user to assist the police in finding a person. If you have a picture of a police officer or someone who has recently been seen in a YouTube video, you can add the person’s name to the search box. So when something goes wrong, you can let the Goggles search its database to see if the name appears. If it does, you can click on the name and the information will be shown right on your screen.

The new version also comes with a translator feature. So when an officer takes a video of a foreign language speaker, you can choose to view the video in English or your own language. This way, you get more people to help you out with your searches.

The latest version also has an education search option, which will allow you to sort through education websites to find the most popular classes online. You can also choose to favourite or pick the class you are interested in, and a link will automatically appear on your screen to share the information with other people.

Google Goggles also allows you to share videos of what you see on the web. Click on the share button and send the video URL to help you share it with friends. Like the other apps, Goggles also allows you to download videos to your phone or PC.

The application allows you to do a lot of searching but mainly works to support the adware. Adware is a software program that is created by hackers to get your personal data and then used for illegal purposes. Google Goggles is a useful tool for breaking the law, but it is essential for downloading the legitimate programs associated with the adware. The best advice for avoiding adware is to download and run an effective antivirus program on your mobile phone. If your phone is missing Android 4.0, you can download it from the Android Market App store directly on your mobile phone.

As mentioned above, Goggles also allows you to share videos. A shared video feature is also a useful tool that will allow you to download and share videos with friends. Unlike the share button on the browser, which shares the videos to the entire Google support ground, the share button on the mobile phones will only show a one-way share button.

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